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Sooner or later with the stress of everyday life, we all reach our breaking point. Life can be challenging and we all need a chance to check-out once in a while, here’s your chance!

The Breaking Point,  Appleton Wisconsin's first and only rage room/paint splatter room. 

We offer alternative stress relief methods; with 15-45 minute rage sessions /ages 7+(with parental consent) and 15 minute paint splatter sessions available for ages 3+/9 participants per session.  We provide protective gear, syringes, squirt guns, paint brushes and blacklight paints!

Video, audio, canvas' and tax included in package price. 


Call 920-205-3780 to schedule your session today.

Bluetooth speakers are provided for each session, so you can listen to the music of your choice!

 Enjoy a safe and friendly environment at “The Breaking Point.”  We’re here for you when you when you reach your breaking point. You can feel comfortable and free to be yourself with the awesome, welcoming environment at The Breaking Point.

This business is different than the rest and there is nothing like it in the area.  Break things to your own music and in your own way.  You can splash paint at each other, and on the walls, making your own unique personal painted canvas.

Common breakable items we provide; dishes (plates, glasses), cell phones, alarm clocks, chairs, desks and other objects alike.  CLOSE TOED SHOES REQUIRED and protective equipment will be provided.  We'll even allow you to bring in some of your own things(or your exes) and break it here with a 20% discount, as long as it fits through our door and is approved upon arrival! AS LONG AS IT IS ENOUGH TO FILL THE ROOM(we do not supply any breakables for BYOB) :)

We can't wait to see you!!

Contact us at 920-205-3780